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About Me

Usually you’ll find me strolling the isles of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, meandering the streets of Manhattan, or cozied up to a cappuccino (my favorite thing!) at one of my favorite cafés scouring the net, all in search of artistic inspiration.

I always loved arts and crafts. I also loved numbers and math. So much so that my high school guidance counselor tried to convince me to consider a career in finance.

I, however, had other ideas.

I enrolled in a French dressmaking class at the Maison Sapho School of Dressmaking and Design on 83rdStreet in New York and then a 4-year program at New York’s Fashion Design Institute of Technology where I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts specializing in fashion design. There have been some fun twists and turns along the way, including working as a designer, launching a brick and mortar boutique, transitioning that to an online store, and then landing a job with the Design Institute. 

Because I wanted to stay connected with the industry that I'm so passionate about, I started this platform to connect buyers and sellers of high-quality, preowned dresses. Here is where you'll get that designer dress you've been ogling for much less and where you can recoup some of those big dollars you shelled out for a dress you no longer need. You'll also buy and sell your dress commission free. I ask only a $5 one-time listing fee, which will be waived for the first 1000 listings.

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