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Our Terms & Conditions

Your business at is very appreciated, thank you for being a valued customer! This security, or private policy, will outline information that is collected about you as a consumer and how that information will be used. You will have the choice to review what information we collect. You can also revise or restrict the usage of your information .

Information We Collect

There are a multitude of reasons for collecting customer information. will collect your information to help improve customer service policies, your shopping experience, and to help communicate with you about what products, promotions, and services that may interest you and your buying trends.

The information collected includes:

  • Consumer Names
  • Financial Information
  • Telephone Numbers
  • Email Addresses
  • Postal Address

This personal information is very important to you as the consumer and we wish to keep it personal. This information and any other that is collected is safe with us. The information collected will be used for several purposes including any inquiry, promotion, or current, past, and future transactions with Any advertising that is sent to the consumer normally coincides with their previous purchases and is personally tailored to that individual’s interests and previous product choices. In order to be able to provide our consumers with advertising geared towards their personal choices, we will compile a record which will include each individual’s product choices, interests, and purchases. All of this and more is done to help personalize and enhance each consumers shopping experience. This is also a way to provide our consumers with promotions, information, or offers that may interest or promote their shopping experience. 

Another way that we help to improve customer experience is by monitoring the website traffic patterns and current standing. This helps us to improve the design and products that are offered. It also allows us to provide exceptional services and offers that are geared towards what is trending and your shopping choices. The promotions, offers, and other information that is sent to our consumers normally are retrieved through data gathered on our website and through traffic patterns. may be requested to disclose personal information regarding our consumers if so required by law, court order, or a government request. This will be at the discretion of our business and good faith if agreed to comply with law, court order, or request. reserves the right to disclose consumer information to extended members of corporate members and any contracted companies that work to prevent unauthorized uses of gift or credit cards. 

*To review, revise, or restrict information, please contact us.  


Third Party Website Links

There are links that have been included on our website for our consumers, you, to use and for reference. These websites might have a different private policy than we do at Be aware of the private policies located on these websites before attempting to include personal information. We are not responsible for any negative results from third party websites. Email List

Anyone who decides to sign-up for e-mail list will receive notices when there are sales, store openings, new merchandise, and any other news that may be beneficial to the consumer about the store. Any email address that is collected is used strictly internally and by those connected within our company, or business partners. You may unsubscribe from the email list at any time. You can also contact us in regards to sharing your email address with others such as our business partners. In the event that you request for your email address to be removed, please allow us a reasonable amount of time to do so. Please be aware that another email might appear in your inbox before we can successfully have your email address removed. 



Although we would like to think that cookies are delicious morsels for our consumers to enjoy while they shop, they are actually tiny pieces of useful information that may be added to a computer by websites. These “Cookies” serve the purpose of enhancing and facilitating communication and interaction with that specific website. Websites all across the World Wide Web use cookies for these and other purposes. may use clear gifs, tags, cookies, web beacons, and other tools to help customize our consumers visit to our web site. It may also help us make our website more convenient for our consumers and enhance our customer services. Cookies may be set on your computer via our business partners or advertisers, which will include similar items that we also use. 

To prevent or restrict having cookies placed on your computer or delete them from the browser, you may need to adjust your preferences in your web browser. This may not affect your purchases or shopping but it might affect your shopping experience and functionality of our website. Cookies will never be used to collect any information that may be personal on your computer without your prior knowledge. 


Security While Shopping

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is technology used to encrypt information that may be personal to our consumers. We understand that our consumer’s personal information is very sensitive. Therefore, we request that you and other consumers use SSL enabled browsers to view, purchase, or manage your account. This technology is used by many vendors across the World Wide Web to safeguard security of the consumer and the business. By using this, the integrity of a secure transaction is never wavered.    

Although there is no guarantee for any information or data that is transmitted across the internet or wireless network, we work towards protecting your personal information with several methods including not saving your credit card number to our data database.    

You, the consumer acknowledges that:  

  1. The internet has privacy and security limitations that may or may be beyond our control.
  2. There are no guarantees with privacy, security, and integrity of information or data exchange between and the consumer, you, through the website. 
  3. The information or data received, may be intercepted, tampered with, or viewed while in transit by any third party.
  4. Any information that is transferred to us, is done at the consumers OWN RISK.

If there are any concerns regarding electronic ordering, you may email us. We can also call you in order to process a payment via a credit card for your convenience and privacy. Email address and emails that are sent to and from them are not encrypted. Therefore, email is not a reliable source of transmitting important information such as credit card numbers. Our company will NEVER ask for any sensitive information from our consumers via E-mail.


Changes in Policy may update this Security and Private Policy periodically for unanticipated uses that may or may not be previously disclosed. In the event that we have implemented changes to this policy, updates regarding the changes made will be located here. The changes that are made to this policy, now or in the future, are immediately accepted by you, the consumer, by visiting This policy only covers the disclosure and use of personal information that we collect from our consumers through our website.